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outdoor post light fixture Outdoor lighting is not just necessary for safety and security, it can also add to the aesthetic beauty of your home and property at night.

Outdoor lighting must be able to withstand the weather, and fixtures will be appropriately labeled.  In a nutshell, anything used outside must be able to be used in wet weather.  Incandescent and HID fixtures operate in most temperatures, while fluorescent lighting does not respond well in cold weather.

Entry lighting is the type of lighting installed near doors and entryways, and can be mounted on both your home and garage.  Entry lighting can take the form of a lantern that hangs over a doorway, or it can be mounted to the wall on either side of the entry.  Marine-style wall brackets, diffusing globes, utility-style fixtures, and bracket-mounted cylinders are other options.

outdoor floodlights Step lights are installed to help people navigate stairs in the dark.  While the main reason for installing step lights is safety, they can also be quite attractive.  Step lights mount in the wall one or two feet above the step, directing light across the tread.

Security and flood lighting is high-intensity light designed to bathe the home and surrounding area in light so that intruders have no place to lurk.  Security and floodlighting can be PAR lamp holders, high-wattage halogen lights, or HID wallpacks and dusk-to-dawn refractors.

low voltage landscape lighting fixture Landscape lighting is any lighting installed in gardens, flowerbeds, around trees, on patios, or along walkways and paths.  Landscape lighting can be quite dramatic and can add nighttime flair to your yard.  Most landscape lights are low-intensity, and fixtures come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to match the architecture of your home.  While landscape lighting is an attractive way to illuminate a walkway, it can also be used to highlight a particular feature in your yard, such as a majestic tree.

The photo at the upper right illustrates a black post lantern in front of a home.  The picture to the upper left shows a pair of floodlights installed under a soffit, while the photo to the right is a low-voltage landscape light fixture surrounded by foliage.

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