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task lighting Lighting can be put into four categories — task, accent, informational, and ambient.  A good lighting plan takes into consideration the type of activities that will take place in a certain room, and places a combination of lighting types accordingly.

Task lighting from lighting companies such as Dazor and OttLite is designed to allow a certain job or activity to be done comfortably and safely.  An office desk lamp or lighting fixture that casts light down over a kitchen counter would fall into the task lighting category.  Task lighting is usually directional.  The photo to the right shows an adjustable task light.

accent lighting Accent lighting from lighting manufacturers such as California Accent Lighting is designed to focus on decorative aspects in an interior such as a collection, piece of furniture, painting, or architectural detail.  Spotlights are good examples of accent lighting, but any kind of directional light can have a similar impact.  Low level, accent lighting generally focuses on what is being accented rather than on the fixture itself.  The picture to the left illustrates a light being used to highlight a painting.

night light Informational lighting is designed to help us see our way safely.  The light in your closet, the light by your doorbell, and night lights, as well as path lighting and motion lights, are all good examples of informational lighting.  The photo to the right is a typical night light with a photosensor.  Informational lighting can be beautiful as well as functional, and can create dramatic statements.  Lights inset on stairs can create pathways that enhance architecture, while outdoor informational lighting can create interesting shadows and texture.

Ambient lighting, or general or background lighting, is the light we see by.  Because it stands in for natural light, all rooms must have ambient light.  Ambient light in a room usually comprises a series of fixtures that diffuse light over surfaces or that glow in all directions.  While ambient light will allow you to see, it needs to be partnered with other types of light in order for a room to have atmosphere.

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