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wall light sconce Whether you are looking for lights to complement your home's minimalist style, or whether antique reproductions are more to your liking, there's a lighting fixture out there designed to suit your taste and budget.  But while style should be an overall consideration, function should not be ignored.

The job of a light fixture is to direct and control the distribution of light.  Some lights throw light in a large general direction, while others focus on one area.  Lights can be focused down, up, or to the side.  In addition to all this, different lights are designed to be installed, mounted, and used in different ways.

Wall lights create ambient light that emits light all around, while central and hanging lights create directional light and are good for illuminating specific work spaces.  The upper right picture on this page shows a wall sconce that directs light both upwards and downwards.

recessed lighting fixtures in cove ceiling Uplights direct light upward, creating a diffused, soft, ambient light.  Uplights work best in high-ceilinged rooms with lots of architectural detail.  Because uplights create a glare-free light, they work well anywhere computer screens are used.  They can also be used to accent and dramatize certain areas of the room, casting interesting shadows and creating texture.  Downlights, by contrast, direct light down from the ceiling and work well in areas that need concentrated light.  Downlights can be recessed or surface-mounted, fixed or directional.  The photo to the left shows two recessed light fixtures in a cove style ceiling.

Spotlights, which throw directional light, can be used to highlight a particular object or area in a room, but they should be used with other lighting.  Track lighting is a type of spotlighting in which lights are mounted on a track, and can be manipulated so lights can be angled, swiveled, or repositioned to create the desired effect.

Regardless of what kind of lighting you choose, don't forget the table lamp!  Table lamps create an intimate, cozy, warm space and set up a series of focal points within a room.  As far as home lighting is concerned, table lamps are indispensable!

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