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Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Light Fixtures

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Modern LED Luminaire To a lighting professional, a lighting fixture is known as a luminaire, which is defined as the device that holds the bulb, or light source, in place.  While the importance of lighting is well recognized, few people know how to design and use lighting creatively.  Good lighting can enhance a room's decor, create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, or cause a room to sparkle with interest.  Outdoors, well-placed lighting fixtures near entrances and in the landscape can enhance the safety and beauty of your outdoor living areas.

dining room chandelier

Indoor lighting fixtures can be ceiling or wall mounted, or they can be portable lamps.  Ceiling light fixtures include chandeliers, pendants, and ceiling fans with lights, as well as flush-mounted, recessed, and track lighting fixtures.  Wall fixtures include sconces and swing arm lights as well as bathroom lighting and cabinet lighting.  Portable lighting is available in a wide range of traditional and contemporary floor lamp and table lamp styles.  Furthermore, lighting designers have produced a virtually limitless array of desk lamps, accent lamps, and task lighting products to suit the taste of every interior decorator.

Outdoor lighting includes post-mounted and wall-mounted light fixtures as well as landscape lighting.  Exterior lighting requires its own electrical service infrastructure, and for safety reasons, especially, it is important to have the lighting installed by a qualified electrician.

courtyard lighting fixture The photo at upper right illustrates the use of several lighting fixtures in a kitchen, including recessed ceiling fixtures for general illumination, pendant fixtures to light the kitchen island, and task lighting over the cooktop area.  The picture at upper left shows a dining room chandelier, while the photo to the right shows a black, wrought iron lighting fixture in a Laguna Beach courtyard.

In these days of rising energy costs, it is increasingly important to use energy-efficient lighting products.  In many U.S. homes, lighting accounts for about 20 percent of the electric bill.  Home owners can save money and help protect the environment by installing ENERGY STAR qualified lighting fixtures and replacing the light bulbs in their existing fixtures.  The U.S. Department of Energy has published this informative article about efficient lighting technology.  Visit this page if you plan to purchase lighting for your home or business.

vintage ceiling light fixture with vintage light bulbs
Vintage Ceiling Fixture with Bare Incandescent Light Bulbs

On, you will find selected lighting dealers and lighting fixture manufacturers as well as information about lighting styles, methods, and technologies.

kitchen lighting fixtures

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    Choose from a broad selection of chandeliers, ceiling lights and fans, wall sconces, hanging lights and pendants, and bathroom lighting.

Lighting Manufacturers

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    "Lighting that makes a difference."  This well-known lighting supplier offers track lighting, recessed lighting, and commercial lighting fixtures.
  • Cooper Lighting
    "The source for bright ideas."  Manufacturer of fine lighting fixtures and accessories.
  • Juno Lighting
    Designs and manufactures architectural grade light fixtures and products.
  • GE Lighting
    Offers residential and commercial lighting solutions, including energy efficient light bulbs.
  • GE - LED Lighting Center
    Explore LED lighting technologies that can transform your home with light.
  • Progress Lighting
    Major residential and commercial lighting fixtures manufacturer.
  • Philips
    Features several brands of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures.
  • Carolina Lanterns
    Features decorative gas and electric lanterns.  Available as wall mount, post mount, or hanging light fixtures, these copper lanterns are built to order for indoor or outdoor use.

Lamps and Lighting Wholesaler

  • Maxim Lighting
    This lighting wholesaler offers ceiling fixtures, hanging fixtures, sconces, bath lighting, outdoor lighting, floor and table lamps, and accessories.

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    This trade association represents the lighting industry.  Members include lighting and ceiling fan manufacturers, retail lighting showrooms, lighting fixture sales reps and residential lighting designers.
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    Architectural and commercial lighting trade fair and conference.

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